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why we're the right choice

Center Street Finance was formed by industry leading executives with real experience in purchasing over $10 billion in consumer receivables from automobile dealerships, banks, finance companies and credit unions. We provide advisory services to lenders, purchasers and sellers of auto paper. We are 100% independently owned by our senior executives.


Our experience includes operational, analytical and compliance expertise in the auto finance sector along with extensive structured finance and capital markets knowledge to create an unparalleled resource.

Founded: May 2014

Headquarters: Arlington, TX

Offices: New Jersey

A team specifically designed to ensure your success

Each member of our Executive Team possesses a set of specialized skills which covers all aspects of the consumer finance industry, but works together with a singular goal:


Ensuring the ongoing success of our clients.

"Because diligence needs can often lead to an open-ended range of advice and services, purchasers would be best served by working with an auto finance specialist rather than a due diligence “generalist”. The ideal partner for any portfolio buyer is experts with real, first-party experience in all aspects of consumer finance rather than with firms who claim to have knowledge or utilize third parties or contractors." - Matt Burke, CEO

Center Street Finance's Abilities Make It The Best Choice For Clients Seeking Partners In The Areas Of:

Specific Areas Of Priority Are:

  • Origination and credit/underwriting analysis and diligence
  • Counterparty due diligence
  • Operational due diligence (including loan servicing and customer service)
  • Data analysis, pricing, and validation (including robust collateral reviews, cash flow projections, modeling, and asset representation reviewer roles for public asset securitizations)
  • Servicing transfer oversight and loan boarding
  • Compliance reviews
  • Monthly surveillance through full portfolio management
  • Capital markets consulting
  • Portfolio purchases and sales
  • Auto loan origination and credit underwriting (especially for non-prime)
  • Extensive analytics capabilities that are real-world proven and retro-validated
  • Best practices in loan file due diligence (including all forms of retail installment contracts)
  • State by state and federal regulations and compliance issues
  • Loan servicing systems and associated analytics for monitoring and cash-flow projections
  • Highly customizable reporting

If you're serious about success, put us to work for you.

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